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Хотин 15 Июля 2022, 13:41 Просмотров: 45
My hope is to meet a tall girl who will like me for being me and not for external reasons. Love, a spark of interest, wit, attention, desire to be loved and appreciated.
I am a decent professional who travelled arround the world and now wants to setle down. The initial ad was for Moldova because of the common language, but in fact I speak fluently several of them.... if you understand Romanian, English, French, Spanish or Italian than we might have a click.
We might have an interesting click without a common language (I learned 200 words in Bulgarian and now I can barely read Cirillic and express myself, but this will be a little more difficult).
Anyway, single, no kids, never married (but I want to! ), I had 2 long time relationships with 2 fabulous women but they never went to fruition..... and now I am looking for a third and last relationship with a woman that I will love and cherish. I hope that kind of relationship where we are happy just being together, dance naked in the kitchen while having our morning coffee, make love under the shower and understand each other without talking too much.
And yes, I have a thing for tall women, but we are not anchored in that.
I have whatsapp, viber, telegram and, of course, a facebook page to share later.


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